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cal·i·ber /ˈkaləbər/

 the quality of someone's character or the level of their ability.

Caliber is a recruiting company that specializes in freight forwarding and logistics. Our vision is to become one of the nation's top niche recruiting agencies known for our industry expertise and high quality talent network. Not only will we strive to be diligent in our profession, but use the same level of  commitment to be servant leaders within our community.

Mission Statement: To match the best talent in the industry, with the best companies in the industry!

Colleagues Working Together

Whether you are our client or candidate

Your success is our success! We match the best talent with the best companies!

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Looking for Talent?

Lets schedule a chat. We start by learning about your company, your culture, your goals, and your challenges. We want to be your talent partner for today's, tomorrow's and next year's needs. By partnering with Caliber, we are always on the hunt for talent in the market that will help grow your company!


We want to talk to YOU!

We want to learn about what drives you? What are your career goals? What kind of company do you want to work for? What do you enjoy doing the most? Click the link below, email one of our team members and we will help guide you, to the next step in your career.

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Meet the Caliber Team




The first 18 years of my career was spent in freight forwarding (hence all the grey hair), and the next 4 years I spent in the recruiting space forwarding careers instead of freight! I have taken all that experience and my passion for helping people advance their careers, and now started Caliber Inc together with the most talented recruiters in the industry! We are on a mission to build the best recruiting company in the logistics world! I love to connect and to be connected, so please reach out for a chat anytime! 

Virtual Cup of coffee

You can reach out to a Caliber hunter directly or use the email address below to schedule a virtual cup of cofee meeting. We'd love to hear from you and discuss your career.

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